Nissan GTR 2017 Price, Specs, Concept

Tuesday, January 19th 2016. | Nissan

The Nissan GTR 2017 is likely to be seen, although there isn’t a formal verification from company. Super car section will stand out once more, with many automobiles offered lately. The GT-R will contend, not only Ford mustang, but also Chevrolet Camaro and many other automobiles. As soon as, this design was innovator in its class, with its extremely effective V8 drivetrain. Now, Japanese people carmaker is able to light up the competition for its famous automobile.

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Nissan GTR 2017 Exterior and Interior

The concept of this wonderful vehicle was initially presented at the popular 2014 Detroit Auto Show. The Nissan GTR 2017 is definitely something which is being forward as collaboration between William F1 as well as NISMO, so it should be amazing automobile. The vehicle will likely be outfitted with better and improved features which improve the speed as well as performing capacity of the car. The outside will include a better and improved design because anterior of car might be more stylish. The Nissan GTR 2017 is going to get newer headlamps as well as the air intakes.

The Nissan GTR 2017’s inside isn’t going to arrive with no prominent adjustments as engineers have made the choice of not altering the design as well as features of cabin however, there would be the addition of some modernized devices. Some of the prominent features included in this automobile are: touch screen, automatic climate control, navigation and new entertainment system. There would be the inclusion of higher quality materials like chrome, leather and wood. Interior may even have the inclusion of Recaro seats as well as a decent steering wheel.

Nissan GTR 2017 Engine Specs

Towards this end, it plans to introduce a V8 engine under the hood of the Nissan GTR 2017. Nonetheless, the carmaker has not offered any details relating to this V8 engine though when you were to belief rumors then the V8 will represent a new generation of its kind. There are additionally some rumors that seem to suggest that the GTR can be powered up by a twin turbo 3.8-liter V6 engine. However, those in the know doubt that Nissan will use this engine, as it’s not able to producing desired horsepower. There are rumors that recommend that the GTR engine can be one that’s able to producing as much as 600 horsepower. The V6 however is just capable of producing 545 horsepower but with the addition of features and equipment it might be able to touch the 700 horsepower. It’s possible that the carmaker will use KERS and use just a few other upgrades to get the desired power from its V6 engine. Power from the engine might be transmitted by way of a 5-speed sequential transmission. A nice clutch can be available and power might be transferred to all four wheels.

Nissan GTR 2017 Release Date and Price

There are rumors that suggest that the new Nissan GTR 2017 will likely be introduced sometime in 2017. There’s also no information about the price tag of this GTR, but it’s expected that the price for the base model is $103,000.

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